Winter Letter

Our Mission is to create classical music experiences that educate, enrich and inspire our youth and families in the San Fernando Valley.

December 15, 2018

Dear Friends,

YOU, like others around the world, are celebrating the holidays. As I write this holiday letter, I want to wish you joyous, peaceful, and healthy holidays. (And what would the holidays be without music?)

Inspiring Notes is counting our many blessings over the past l0+ years. YOU and our community have joined us, and together we have given nearly 27,000 kids – Pre K – Grade 5 students a 3 – Year Chamber Concert Series, and many years of Mentoring orchestra students after school. More than l,000 received this help from professional musicians from grades 3 – high school. Other organizations have joined us to give our kids further music experiences and exposure too.

By joining us, you helped to fund our Music Enrichment Program through your memberships, donations, grants and volunteering, the FREE GIFT of classical music for our youth and families. Your F0UNDERS created a “unique” Music Enrichment Program for our San Fernando Youth. We know of no other program like Inspiring Notes, Inc. The results of our years in the program tell us that our youth really learn to LISTEN and APPRECIATE great music. Many tell us they want to learn to play an instrument when they get to Middle School. (Since instrumental music was cut from our district’s budget as a given in the curriculum, Middle School is the first opportunity to play an instrument most of the kids we serve will have.)

Now as we enter a New Year, 2019, we dream about our future. The key word –SUSTAINABILITY! It is time for us to reflect — have a conversation about what our vision is for the continuing years. Can we just maintain our 3-Year Program for (8) elementary schools? Can we reach deeper into our community and build an organization that has the resources to support more kids? (There are countless elementary schools waiting for our program!)

I invite you to dream with us. Share your thoughts and ideas — your dreams. Our community is the “critical” ingredient in this organization called Inspiring Notes. You have made the music happen for l0 + years. It is YOU and others like you that will help us to continue passing on great music to our San Fernando Valley kids, and INSPIRING THEM TO LEARN TO PLAY AN INSTRUMENT OR TO BE A GREAT LISTENER AND APPRECIATOR. Finally, we believe music helps make our COMMUNITY A BETTER PLACE!

Thinking further about our community, San Fernando Valley and the world community, with all the “bad” things – violence, poverty and more, (and it is documented in many scientific studies). WE KNOW THAT WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS MOST IS MUSIC – for our mind, heart , soul and spirit – and HOPE!

I am looking forward to hearing from you about your dreams and thoughts about Inspiring Notes and its future.

You can telephone me at 818-780-2308 or email me at:

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your care and support.

Marge Roten
Marge Roten, Founder/President
Inspiring Notes, Inc.